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Cable operators shall file reports to the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission on a quarterly basis showing the performance of their customer service standard obligations under this section. The quarterly reports shall cover the periods January 1 through March 31; April 1 through June 31; July 1 through September 31; and October 1 through December 31. The reports shall be due no later than 30 days following the end of a quarter. The reports shall include, at a minimum, figures and narrative indicating performance of the standards for:

A. Local office hours;

B. Telephone call center hours;

C. Telephone answering;

D. Busy signal statistics;

E. Standard installations;

F. Service interruptions;

G. Appointment windows: made, cancelled, and rescheduled;

H. Notice requirements;

I. Billing (refunds and credits); (Ord. 6-2001 § 1 new, 2001)