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A. Demolitions. Demolition of all buildings is regulated by the Building Code currently adopted by the City of Wood Village.

B. Design Review. Design review is required for all uses and developments except for single-family detached dwellings in light residential zones. See Section 630. Design review is required for all accessory buildings whether attached or detached.

C. Parking and Loading. See Section 350.

D. Public Access. All lots in the zone shall have frontage or approved access to public streets, public water and public sewer before construction shall be permitted.

E. Sale or Conveyance Prohibited. No sale or conveyance of any portion of a lot, for other than a public purpose, shall leave a structure on the remainder of the lot with less than the minimum lot or setback requirements of the zone.

F. Signs. See Section 370. (Ord. 2-2020 § 1 (Att. A))